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Dr. David Leners graduated from the University of Iowa with a BS Degree in 1981. He continued his education at the university and graduated from the College of Dentistry in 1985.













Dr. Doris Leners graduated from Coe College with a BA Degree in 1981.  She then graduated from the University of Iowa, College of Dentristry in 1985.
    Dr. Lynn Breneman graduated from Augustana College with a BA Degree in 2002. She continued her education at the University Of Iowa and graduated in 2006 from the College of Dentistry.


 (From Left to Right)  

Top Row: Kim Kuehl, Angela Haan, Dr. David Leners and Elizabeth Sanquist.

Bottom Row: Dr. Doris Leners, Dr. Lynn Breneman, Renee Mason, Cassandra Shea, Dezi Wade, Quinn Mackie and Becky Schoenle.

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